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Sunday, May 25, 2014

MDF2014 Day 2 and 3

Tired and sore summarizes both days. I can't even begin to say how many amazing bands and people I met, moshed with, had fun with. Good night.

Friday, May 23, 2014

MDF 2014 Day 1

I just got back from hanging out with two sets of friends staying in the same hotel. Yesterday since it is the morning was great. Hung out with friends and did sing-a-longs and drank. I have a video of it but it's too graphic to post. Hahaha.  I love that they don't have to be grr metal all the time. Their hotel is a street away from ours. I have other friends who also are at the same hotel but I hung out with them earlier. And right before Ryan and I got to our hotel the band Taake asked us for cocaine, heroine, or acid. Ryan told him that he only smoked and that he is sure he can find some if he asked around. They were very nice but also very strange. I liked their tattoos though. Tons of runes. They liked my tyr rune necklace and wished us good night. Before that I danced to pop music with the same people Iater hung out with. We ran a bunch of trashed preppy girl's out of thw club. Oops. That was a million times better than Crowbar. Apparently someone jumped on stage as their duchey lead singer stopped the show because he wasn't Randy Blythe and he was't going to have a law suit against him. Before that was Coffins and the place was packed it was great though. And before that I just hung out with Pearl for most of the afternoon and Black Breath was next to us for hours. I had great salmon Blt at this Irish pub near the hotel. Now time for bed.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


The way to Baltimore was long but we made it!! The hotel room is on the small side but hey it works. We ran into some set backs and weren't able attend the preshow but it was okay because Ryan and I treated ourselves to some tasty Thai food. I also shielded Ryan and me, our hotel room and the car so nothing happens to us. Call me paranoid. I think everything will work out once we have plenty of sleep. We have a pretty relax day tomorrow. I only want to see one band tomorrow and that is Coffins and they aren't on until 10pm. So I might just hang out with people and get merch. I plan on trying all the delicious sushi in Baltimore. Like Chicago Baltimore has parts that are awesome and parts that are just sketchy. This experience has taught me that next year we are flying to MDF and finding a hotel with a tub or pool even though this kitchen in the hotel room is pretty useful and nifty. Perhaps I am asking for too much. In any rate, I'm going to attempt to sleep and feel rested for tomorrow.

Misadventures: Road to MDF 2014

Blogger on my tablet is shit so here I am blogging for the 3rd time on my phone about the journey in the bathroom as to not wake anybody up. I have to be up in 2 hours and of course I can't sleep. I can't help but think that someone or something does not want me to be here. And to that I say fuck off. I earned this. I worked my ass off this school year and in the three years I attended NIU. This is my graduation gift to myself and I'll be damned if anything gets in the way. There is always another way. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is getting in the way. Not the 90 degree weather, not the rude  people, not shitty Indiana (if you live there my sincerest apologies to you), not the car breaking down, not the waiting for hours, not the wacky highway system and signs in Ohio, not Ohio seeming like it never ends. Also Indiana fuck your ticks and how they are able to get inside anything if you step out of the car there for one second. No doubt we will all have to rewash our clothes. I know live in tick fear. Indiana, you're only good for Fireworks and being able to rent a car at 21 which doesn't matter if you're driver doesn't have a credit card. Can't wait to leave Ohio. Although I'm not looking toward to Baltimore either. At least our hotel looks awesome. We'll see. Also I'm very annoyed with my hormones. My endo is getting pretty bad. Let's hope they don't screw with me at the fest.  So for now I can only hope that I can get at least one hour of sleep.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 4 More like 9 days

So I'm writing about the fourth day of MDF even  though I've been in Chicago for more than a week. Day 4 was the day of disappointment. Woke up early to everyone's surprise since I went to bed early to see Tinner only to find out once I was at the venue that they dropped and no one notified anybody. There was no update nothing. I could have seen other bands not that it mattered in the end. 

Then I saw Midnight and the pits did not have the same energy as they did the last three  days. Everyone is tired. I felt jipped with Midnight. I know of their fast thrashy stuff and instead they play slow or midpace. I felt thrash blueballed. What is this?! Might as well have seen Sleep I would have been just as bored as I was at Midnight. Even worse I somehow lost my wrist band and had to go back to hotel to get my MDF ticket in order to get a new wrist band missing all the band up to Magrudergrind and Venom. 

So we walked back to the hotel pissed off and annoyed. I took this as a sign from the Gods to take care of ourselves and to get a proper dinner so we went back to that awesome Japanese place. Then we went back to the hotel grabbed the ticket and left. 

We made it to the Sound Stage only to be told that they ran out of 4 day pass bands and that I would have to go back to the Sonar to get one. On top of that my friend Derek stopped us to ask us why we weren't at Sacred Reich. Ironically I wasn't thrilled to see Sacred Reich because any time I have seen them their lead singer has been a little whinny bitch. Wah, there are people on stage. Wah, I hate moshers. Wah, I hate death metal  (This is a post he made on the band's facebook. Saying Death metal was not real music. Even though he said he was joking. What he said was really pompous and douchey.)  At Reggies he actually stopped the show because people were on stage and were moshing. What kind of person who is the front man of a thrash band complains about this?  Then I find out from Derek that  Sacred Reich had the biggest pit at MDF and that we missed a great show. Well fuck! The one time he wasn't a baby back bitch and Ryan and I missed it. Only to find out later that day that there was a ticket in his backpack which was in Justin's car. Oh well. 

I went back to the Sonar and I showed them my ticket and I got a new pass and ran back to see Magrudergrind. It was the best run of my life. I even bought some lemon vodka with lemonade to celebrate. It was delicious. Magrudergrind was a treat. They were fucking crazy. But I noticed that the vocalist's is loosing his voice. It's not as strong as it used to be. Still they killed it. Ryan got stage dived several times and actually got caught unlike Rotten Sound where everyone just let him take the swan dive into the wooden floor. 

Walked back to see Venom and the place was already packed. I went in the middle and even though I wasn't as close as I liked it I enjoyed the performance. What I didn't enjoy was the fact that Venom was cut off like every other band and being bitten alive by mosquitoes who were snacking on my ass. That day was the wrong day to wear a skirt. 

Trying to get out of the Sonar was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The idiots who worked the gate thought it was a brilliant idea to let people out individually instead of opening the gate so the flood of angry metalheads who didn't get all the Venom they needed could leave. I'm grateful I was able to escape the horde. I heard a riot broke out which is why we saw cops come into the sonar. But that's not what happened. Apparently some asshole security guard lost his shit and decided that joking someone and throwing them on the ground was a good idea and people obviously became enraged by this. In addition the dumbass threatened a metalhead cop who was attending MDF as a fan and who videotaped the whole thing as proof for later. The dumb ass security guard threatened the guy and that is how the cops were called the poor guy who was thrown was able to press charges on that fucking idiot. 

Trying to find the video but no dice. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 3: I regret nothing.

Keeping it short because I'm tired. Also for the first time in a year I`m actually drunk.  And I wanna see Tinner at 2pm! Woke up late. Broken Hope was great but the people starting the pits were awful. I almost feel like moshing lessons should be given out to people. I was rather disappointed in the turn out. Then I got some food and more merch. Saw Ihsan. They were interesting. I liked them actually for a doomy progressive black metal band. Then I saw Vinterland. They remind me of Dissection and Enslaved. Sadly the people fucked with their sound and it sucked major booty cock. Finally saw Infest.  Drank for their whole set. They are amazing!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Round 2: With Pain Comes Glory

Let me begin with this blog that I regret absolutely nothing about what I did today. Nothing. Everything was worth it even if my body will hate me when I wake up. The lineup for the show today is as follows.

Benediction - 6:15 - 7:05
Stage 1 
Benediction - 6:15 - 7:05
Repulsion - 8:00 - 8:45
Carcass - 9:50 - 11:00 

Stage 2

Convulse - 5:05 - 5:50
Pig Destroyer - 7:10 - 7:55
Righteous Pigs - 8:50 - 9:40

Stage 3 ("Inside")

Ambassador Gun - 3:50 - 4:15
Ahumado Granujo - 4:30 - 5:05
Ingrowing - 5:40 - 6:15
Evoken - 7:10 - 8:00
Pelican - 11:00 - 12:00

Baltimore Sound Stage 

Old Lines - 3:30 - 3:55
Heartless - 4:10 - 4:40
Full of Hell - 5:00 - 5:30
Sete Star Sept - 6:40 - 7:00
Hellshock - 7:15 - 8:00
Ringworm - 9:00 - 9:30
Rotten Sound - 11:25 - 12:15
Tragedy - 12:30 - 1:30

Sadly, I missed Convulse waiting inside the Sonar to buy some shirt for a fucking hour from this French dude only to find out that he didn't have any smalls and that he only carried a European Large. Normally I love European shirts because they're made of the softest material imaginable. My Cerebral Bore shirt is so soft I pet it all the time and people give me weird looks. hahaha. It's like the furry walls in Take Him to the Greek. But, this was just ridiculous. The guy didn't even have a sign that showed the sizes or how much the shirt was. I soo ready to blow all my money on a rare Dissection hoodie for it to be a dress on me. A sign or I don't know answering my bloody question would have been nice so I didn't waste all my time. I only found this out because another girl behind me wanted a Grave shirt and the guy told her none of the Death metal shirts were in small. We both protested and he said not many girls like death metal. You two are the only ones so I don't have any. I almost thought he was bluffing. You cannot tell me that in Europe out of all places there aren't women who like death metal. I call bullshit sir. Bull fucking shit!! Since I was up there already I got a Bloodbath shirt and yes it is large, but it was oh so worth it and a Demolition Hammer shirt for Ryan. 

Saw a song from Benediction and realized how hungry I really was. Since I'm seeing Bolt Thrower when they come to Chicago with Benediction I figured that find food was a better option. The best part of having them play in Stage 1 is that it's outside and I can still hear every song clearly and not be cranky. When I'm hungry and I don't get fed I'm a very bitchy person to be around with. Hell you might as well just kill yourself because that is just how much fun I am to be around. 

The food vendors were located in between the first an 3rd stage and near the merch being sold. This part reminded me of any town festival like Lislefest or Taste of Chicago. The Thai place has delicious kabobs and the place next to it had great gyros and a corn dog. I know I know. I gave in to the junk food bad me but to make up for it I ate a yogurt before I wrote this and I was in the pits all day.  The corndog and kakob were my lunch.  I also had dogfish beer. It is soo yummy. It went great with my gyro. This is my favorite part of MDF the fact that I can pig out on great food and beer and listen to great music at the same time. What other times can you have a gyro and sit on the curb while being a fat ass for dinner while watching and listening to Righteous Pigs? No where else. Also while getting my kabob the police officers who were standing right next to us decided to start talking to us. They asked us if we were from here and we said no we're from Chicago and we just talked to them for a good 30 minutes. Ryan and I were still confused. They were the nicest cops I have ever spoken too in my life. This also would have never happened in Chicago. 

As for merch let's just say that you live and learn and you spend all your money. All the merch tents has great finds. I finally got a Dismembered shirt. It will be my baby and I will treasure it always. Funny thing is when I first was looking for Ryan's birthday present I came across an Indecent and Obscene on a website that had that this shirt and they're from Ohio but because I didn't want to pay for shipping and I didn't know if it was legit I didn't buy it yet and behold they had a merch booth set up and it was hanging calling my name. No one bought it because it was a small. You bet I bought it before anybody else could take it. I went to the Relapse booth and got an old Amorphis shirt and a Devourment thong. Last thing we bought was a Insect Warfare bag to put all our stuff in. I can't be any happier with my purchases. I'm trying to not spend all my money here. I saw a Hypocrisy shirt and Repulsion shirt I wanted but is not necessary to own. 

Afterwards I went with Ryan to see Pig Destroyer and while I don't really care for them they were interesting to watch live. People go crazy for them. I got great footage on my phone of the circle pits. In retrospect it was probably a good thing that I left my tiny camera at Tammy's apartment since I would have probably lost it. I almost lost/killed my phone in the pit for Repulsion. 

Then we walked ourselves over to to Repulsion. I cannot thank them enough for putting the first stage outside. We would have died from the heat once again if we were beaner packed into one location. Today was my first time see Repulsion and they are incredible. They have such a great stage performance and they just blew me away. 

There was an hour to kill until Carcass went on and this is where I was a fatty as I explained above and pigged out on gyros while listening to Righteous Pigs. Then we snaked our way through Carcass. I love how people were all trying to get to the front and push. It's hilarious really because once the show starts people are going to be moshing, crowd surfacing and falling on top of them. I just drank my beer and waited until the people who pussied out left and cleared the room for those who wanted to stay. Got into the pit in no time at all. I've seen Carcass before and the last time they put on a great show and this time was no different except for the fact that it was even better than when they played here in 2008. I seriously can die happy. I think I came buckets.They played most of my favorite songs. I wish they played more off Symphonies of Sickness but honestly I can't complain. It was the best set I have seen them do to be honest. The sound was impeccable. Basically Carcass makes me want to fuck people up. I was in the pit the whole entire set how I did it I have no fucking idea. It got really violent and mega-crowded  I fell at least once and I know I'm going to have bruises all over my body but it was worth it. I'd do it again and again and never stop. From what Ryan told me apparently I was kicking ass in the pit or I am a leader of some sort because as soon as I started doing that 5 other girls decided that they were going to join me. Apparently female metalheads need some moral boosting before they actually go into the pit. My body is aching but I regret nothing. 

Ryan and I left during that last song because we had to run to the third stage to see Rotten Sound for the second time this month and my third time in total. The third stage is actually the Soundstage and it's by what I call "Whore Alley" also known as where all the strip clubs and the scummiest nastiest people are. The Soundstage is a regular venue and it's really spacious. I guess what I disliked the worst is the fact that we had to go through Whore Alley to get there. Now I'm used to scummy sketchy places but this was the complete opposite of my whole entire visit. As Ryan and I were walking some dumb cunt was yelling at us about how we should get our cracker bitch asses out of her city.  I guess that's my karma for yelling at that poor guy. But still that was beyond rude. First of all lady you don't own Baltimore. Second of all, I'm Mexican. Third fuck off. I'm not here to see your ugly ass. I'm here to see Rotten Sound. So yes if this really all that people have seen of Baltimore then yes it does suck. What makes it not suck is the business part of it. The side that resembles downtown Naperville and has great restaurants and places to shop in. Go there. Don't go to downtown. 

Then all the guys had to be patted down and we had to be given wrist band again because the first ones from the main show didn't count. Rotten Sound played the same set as they did in Chicago but it was just as good if not better because there were actually people starting pits. I didn't go in though because I was still exhausted from Carcass. I don't think yesterday could have been any better than Carcass followed by Rotten Sound. My ears were in music heaven. Both Rotten Sound and Carcass just make me want to destroy things and just have fun. I just headbanged like crazy and watched Ryan fly through the circle pit. Afterwards we talked to one of the guys from Weekend Nachos, Frank from Municipal Waste and earlier that day Ryan saw Jason from Origin and we talked to him too for a bit. Then Keijo from Rotten Sound came out and Ryan and I spoke to him for a bit as well. He is the humblest person ever. He is also really shy but that's just a Finnish trait. Give them alcohol and they'll never shut up. (ahem Ryan ahem) Ryan got a picture with him and then we went to hang out with Tammy until 4am and here I am at almost 7am writing about these adventures. Luckily none of the bands I want to see play until 5pm. 

Overall, the music was amazing, the food was amazing and best of all of I got to meet new people and make new friends. We have been brought together by metal. 

Pictures and videos are on facebook when I have the time I'll post some on here.